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The world’s changed. The way we communicate with each other has changed. But it's not one rule for customers and donors – and another rule for us! We believe how we and our clients work together should change too.

It's time to be more flexible, transparent, focused and intelligent. Which is why we’ve thrown away the old rule-book so you, your customers and donors get what you really want and need: cutting-edge marketing solutions delivered quickly, professionally and without any aggro.

Maria Paul

“Working with Heather has always been about getting results and having fun – specifically in that order - a great combination for all concerned! At We Are Marketing Heather has turned everything up to a new level. Heather and her team are as passionate about our charity as we are. It feels like her team is part of our team and they just ‘get us’ as a charity. With We are Marketing on the case, you know you’re getting 100%.”

Maria Paul, Direct Marketing Manager at Blue Cross



We’ve always been good at what we do. We’re confident, highly experienced and thrive on producing results-driven work with a creative ‘edge’ that makes people sit up, take notice and respond.

We’re proud of what we do too and genuinely care about every campaign we produce for our clients. We have a cupboard full of silverware to prove it. And a raft of satisfied
high-profile clients who trust us implicitly to deliver what we promise.

Andy Flynn

“Heather has formed a creative and dynamic team that adds value and delivers great results. Always attentive to the clients' needs and committed to ensuring satisfaction.”

Andy Flynn, Head of Corporate Savings Communications at Zurich Financial Services
Amanda Ling

“Heather takes the time to truly understand her clients' business, market and customer base before recommending creative strategy and it's precisely this way of doing business, paired with her in-depth knowledge of all things marketing, which really works; delivering marketing campaigns that truly resonate with the target audience and above all deliver bottom line results.

She is the personification of high energy, unwavering focus and exceptional instinct.”

Amanda Ling, Deputy MD at Response One


pain relief

Does your current agency ‘get’ you? And we mean, really ‘get’ you?

Not many will, simply because they haven’t got the right people in place – the people who know your business inside-out and who will dig deeper and do more to find intelligent solutions at the time that’s right for you.

We ‘get’ the pressure that today’s marketing teams are under. We understand how big organisations work. And we know that quickly parachuting senior people in to support you, who can step up and then step out again is most clients’ ideal form of pain relief.

Our aim is to add weight to everything you do and elevate what you deliver. And to be the intelligent partner you can trust to think – and act – fast on your behalf. Every time.

Helen Ralston

“Heather provided both major strategic insight and ideas development as well as detailed hands-on implementation when needed in an unexpected crisis. She always reacts in a tight timeframe when required but is also a trusted advisor just to bounce ideas off when needed.”

Helen Ralston, NonExecutive Director at HealthWatch West Sussex
Neale Phillips

“I love going to see Heather and the team - it's the sort of working environment where you can really think, get emotional, get excited and put on a few calories....all before lunch. Heather's great strength is getting involved with your business, drains up, understanding it thoroughly - and she is able to maintain that approach throughout.

She is brave enough to be truly a part of your team and is as passionate about the results that emanate from the work as her clients are. She has the ability to inspire and is also huge fun to be with.”

Neale Phillips, Strategy Director at Thatcham Research Centre



We’re here to give your prospects and customers an engaging experience at every opportunity.

That means understanding them… really understanding them… so that we can design intuitive user experiences, whether they are digital natives or less familiar with the online world.

From UX, user-centred design and content strategy… to build, development and user testing, we’re here for the journey. And by measuring and analysing along the way, we can make a tangible impact on your business.

Sean Larrangton-White

“We first came across Heather when I worked at Bank of Scotland. We asked a number of agencies who we thought were the most effective in the UK to pitch for some work.

Needless to say, Heather and her team shone above the rest. Their first communication to us was so outstanding, it went around the various divisions of the Bank as an example of how to get attention and be effective at the same time (these two don't always go together).

Since then, as I came to know Heather personally, I came to realise she epitomised what is expected of someone who heads up a leading edge agency - she herself is forward thinking, delivers great results with the utmost integrity, is at the forefront of dm work, is highly creative and extremely intelligent at the same time (again, not a common attribute).”

Sean Larrangton-White, Marketing Communications Expert
Marc Michaels

“Heather and I meet regularly judging industry awards or at industry forums and I never fail to be impressed by her knowledge, insight and her passion for the direct marketing industry. Always smiling and a very pleasant person to be with, her involvement with the DMA and her expert DM skills to be applauded.”

Marc Michaels, F IDM Director Public Sector/Not for Profit & Director Behaviour and Planning, The GIG (Global Insights Group) at DST



Mmmmm… what’s that we hear you ask? Ok, here’s a clue:

Definition of intelligence in English:

The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills:
an eminent man (or woman of course!) of great intelligence

Acquiring and applying our knowledge and skills to the marketing task in hand is how we’ve earned our reputation as one of the most ‘intelligent’ agencies in the UK.

It’s a reputation we’re proud of and, whether you’re in the financial services, charity, retail or B2B sector, we’ll always question, challenge you and push the boundaries one step further than you’d expect to be possible.

Gloria Baker

“Working with Heather is tough but tremendous fun! Her entrepreneurial approach and ability to 'get it' delivers creative and propositional strategies that raise the bar. I would recommend Heather unreservedly as one of the best strategic and creative thinkers of our time.”

Gloria Baker, Lead Marketing Manager at Co-operative Legal Services



Honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do at We Are Marketing. And what you see really is what you get: a dedicated, down-to-earth and hard working team who love what they do and who they work with.

There are no hidden agendas or big egos to negotiate. And there’s no pushy sales spiel or big-agency hype.

We are always honest, open and accountable and believe that courtesy, mutual-respect and a healthy dollop of fun are the pre-requisites for a long and happy partnership.

Roger Kecklez

“I have worked with Heather and her team on various occassions during my time as Fundraising Manager for The Children`s Society in the United Kingdom. I found Heather always to be highly responsive to brief, consistently coming back with more than was expected and an energy that made our working relationship both incredibly productive and fun.

On a business note, I was always consistently impressed by the specialist expertize Heather and her team brought to bear on projects we worked together on, as well as the creativity that always met and streched the brief.

I`d recommend Heather and her team to any NPO looking for an agency who is well versed in DM, media planning and is looking for creative stand out from the herd and to meet P&L budget!”

Roger Kecklez, International Funding Manager
Joel Harrison

“Heather is a highly respected and recognised marketing leader. With seeming limitless energy and tenacity, Heather ensures clear focus on the marketing challenge at hand, delivering fresh perspectives and most importantly, accountable results-focused outcomes. You know with Heather you’re not just going to be told what you want to hear. Her commitment and approach to people means it won’t be dull!”

Joel Harrison, Editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing



Our award-winning team experience encompasses all media and there’s no route we won’t explore in order to produce an exceptional and effective campaign for you.

In fact we believe in taking an objective overview of every individual brief so that we can respond in a much faster, more flexible and dynamic way.

Clients who’ve already worked with Heather and her team in the past:

Blue Cross
National Trust
Jeremy Chadwick

“Heather is a great leader and marketeer, with the ability to see the big picture without losing track of the fine detail. I would have no hesitation in working with her again and recommending her.”

Jeremy Chadwick, Managing Director, EMEA atVSP VISION CARE




Lucian Camp

“It seems a bit odd writing a recommendation for Heather when as far as I can recall, we've only ever worked "together" as fairly fierce competitors on the Nationwide agency roster. But the fact is, Heather was one of those competitors that you couldn't help wishing was on your own team rather than the other lot - partly because she so obviously knew what she was doing, but also because the clients so obviously held her in high esteem. She has done a terrific job, and now that I'm not a competitor any more I'm very happy to say so.”

Lucian Camp, Entire Workforce at Lucian Camp, Consulting



You can’t beat a naughty cake and a bit of a chat. Except one that maybe comes with a decent coffee or nice cup of tea…

So go on… give Heather a ring today and ask her to put the kettle on. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

We Are Here:
34 Basepoint Business Centre

Oakfield Close | Tewkesbury | GL20 8SD

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